Hi. I’m Draya. I created Two Palm Bliss to promote manifesting and celebrating a blissful life, what I call “That Sweet Vacay Life”. I wanted a space where the “SWEET” stuff is always the focus, and attention can become intention blissfully. We spread love, hope, and joy when we share our bliss. Through positivity, gratitude, and intentional language, we can, ANYONE CAN, make their dream life their reality. This space provides products, courses, meditations, music, and more for manifesting, living, celebrating and sharing That Sweet Vacay Life.

Some call me a positivity guru or master manifestor. As an educator, professor, author, illustrator, lyricist, vocalist, and artist, with an AA, BA, MLS, and as a Ph.D. candidate, I wanted to support others on their path towards bliss. Two Palm Bliss is more than my brand, it is my life! I have manifested an amazing Vacay Life and I share it with you. Intentional language, positivity and gratitude are the 3 most essential elements of creating a desired life. This space offers products and services to guide your evolution. When you wear a positivity wearable, you are manifesting that energy and sharing it with everyone around you. That is the simplest, most passive way to begin to transform your life or share and savor your bliss.  The Meditations, Manifesting Courses and Positivity Music take that bliss energy to your next level of consciousness, and aid you in actualizing your transformation.

As you rise, others rise. Raise your vibration, Float with me & EVOLVE YOUR BLISS.

We promote bliss through our support of amazing creatures and causes: Enjoy meeting our furry family in the CREW tab, view some of our delicious adventures on the GALLERY tab, enjoy some Videos, and Manifest your BEST LIFE with some Positivity Wearables at the SHOP tab.