Our Crew

Our Sweet Vacay Life is shared with a cast of amazing critters … meet the gang.





We found Lucki under our VW van. He had been abandoned, was severely dehydrated and had distemper. Our vet, Carlos (who named him Lucki – for finding us) said he had a 50-50 chance of survival. He was quarantined for seven days during that time I went to walk him every day. On the seventh day he came home with me and became my sweetest and most loyal companion, even traveling with me on my adventures.

We met Smeegle in the road during a trip to visit Lucki in quarantine. He was so disfigured and malnutritioned he looked like a dinosaur bird, or other mythical creature. He had no hair and he was barely able to move. His time on the street gave him a very unique voice, we call it monster mashing. Now he is a happy, chubby Chihauhau living that Sweet Vacay Life. He’s my favorite snuggler, best car rider and still has a very unique voice.

Sasser and his sister were wandering around in a neighborhood near a dear friend who would come over daily telling us about these two puppies who really needed our help and love. We usually rescued older dogs. Puppies often have better chances of finding homes so we thought we’d wait and give them a chance for another home – we had 7 others at the time. Needless to say, they ended up with us, living that Sweet Vacay Life.

Nima Yuku



Nima Yuku is Sasser’s little sister. She is a unique blend of afraid and tough; both afraid of everything and thinks she runs stuff at the same time. Her name means little Tiger in Nahuatl, a tribal language from Mexico, and it suits her well. Much to our surprise and amazement, being terrified of almost everything, she absolutely adores the beach. She is extremely fun to take to the beach. Nima Yuku, always letting us know when its time for sunset beach walk, is our Beach Babe.

We actually rescued Kirk’s pregnant mother who was victim of abuse by children on the street. We had her for several weeks before she gave birth. She was blind in one eye and could not bark from malnutrition and abuse. Her uterus ruptured during birth and the pups had to come C-section. I literally rubbed the air into Kirk’s lungs. He was the sole survivor of the 4 pups. Mom lasted only another 10 hours. He literally defied all odds, so our son named him, Tyberius Kirk, defier of odds.

Gigi is the oldest (12) and the QUEEN BEE. Nobody messes with this tiny chihuahua.  She is our only non-rescue and a full breed chihuahua. We got in Atlanta when we lived there. She has shared her life with a bunch of buddies; we have had several others who found homes or went to doggy paradise. Biggie G was her best buddy, a Mastiff we had before we got her. That was a long time ago now, Biggie went to doggy paradise a few years ago from old age when he was 15 years old.

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